Développer et Implémenter un projet

Développer et Implémenter un projet

Nous contribuons à la performance de grandes sociétés commerciales du monde entier : Optimiser l'existant afin d'améliorer l'efficacité et redéfinir les pratiques (Organisations, Processus, Comportements) afin de réaliser un véritable saut de performance.
Notre vision

Notre vision

Etre le global expert dans la vente et le management de la vente
Notre mission

Notre mission

Nous vous aidons à implémenter vos stratégies et obtenir ainsi "Powerful Sales Results"
La Vente dans le 3ème millénaire

La Vente dans le 3ème millénaire

Quel est le rôle du vendeur dans le futur ?
Notre offre

Notre offre

Consultez notre offre de formations, de coachings, workshops etc. N'hésitez pas à nous consulter pour les évaluations de compétences, pour implémenter une nouvelle stratégie commerciale etc.
Mercuri International’s Global Sales Excellence Survey 2017

Mercuri International’s Global Sales Excellence Survey 2017

Mercuri International’s global survey uncovers secrets of sales excellence

Taking Sales to a Higher Level


Sales Evaluator - Evaluating Competence

Mercuri's Sales Evaluator is the online competence assessment and benchmarking tool. It is the starting point for sales and business improvement.

Watch the Sales Evaluator video

Sales Evaluator, now available with a coaching app, helps you discover what development and coaching your sales and customer facing teams need to support your business objectives. The information helps managers to focus their coaching activity, individual by individual.  This data can also be loaded into the Coaching App to make coaching interventions more effective and improvement easier to measure.


  • The current capability of your sales and customer facing teams?
  • How your sales people compare against industry standards?
  • What training and devlopment each individual needs to improve?
  • Who in your team is at benchmark, above benchmark or requires priority development?
  • What competences are critical to business performance?
  • What you don't know?

If you don't know the answer to these questions Contact Mercuri to arrange a demo of Sales Evaluator and discover how you can start your sales and business transformation.

Why assess competence?

Competence can be described as a combination of skills, knowledge and attitude.

  • Skills: Those abilities which allow you to be effective in carrying out tasks.
  • Knowledge: The understanding needed to be effective.
  • Attitude: The underlying values that make it possible to do the job.


Sales Evaluator

Mercuri's Sales Evaluator online competence assessment tool enables you to measure the effectiveness of your team's skills, knowledge and attitude and ensures these competences are aligned with your business and sales strategy.  The reports generated from the evaluation process give compelling insight into gaps in competitive strengths and priorities for development.

This will enable you to:

  • Focus your development in the areas that will make the biggest impact
  • Create a perfect profile for your team.

 Business Benefits

  • Benchmark current performance against world-class performance
  • Measure the effectiveness of your sales and customer facing teams
  • Identify the gap between best practice and your current performance
  • Increase the return on investment
  • Make your training budget go further
  • Generate a focused plan for improvement
  • Validate by providing a 360-degree perspective
  • Discover potential financial improvements.

What is the approach?

Mercuri's online assessment process takes approximately six weeks from the scoping meeting in Step 1 to the powerful reporting and recommendation meeting in Step 5.

Sales Evaluator



  • Step 1 - Review the current competences and skills
  • Step 2 - Self Assessment
  • Step 3 - The manager completes an assessment for each team member
  • Step 4 - The validation meeting
  • Step 5 - Analysis, report, results and focused plan for enhancement and business improvement


For more information, please contact:

in Belgium :
+32 (0) 2 244 93 83

in the Netherlands :
+31 (0) 88 637 28 74

Sales Evaluator - Evaluating Competence